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Welcome to Grasta De Wellness. Life, Fitness and Grace are the three pillars of each workout that you will find at Grasta De. Challenge is the mindset. Physically, mentally and spiritually you will discover and initiate goals that motivate and move you. The challenge is up to you. Grasta De offers opportunities using TRX, weights and resistance bands to challenge cardio and strength. Flexibility and balance are incorporated into each fitness offering. Circuit classes will require that you dig deep to execute the last exercise with enthusiasm, discipline and the grace to finish! Bosu, stability balls, weights, bands, steps........... whatever it takes to find that inner perseverance. It's here at Grasta De! There will be days when a quiet walk outdoors on the trail is inviting and fitting. An interruption in daily routine can be met with a mindful walk to reset thinking patterns and be a kind reminder to a gentle heart. The Studio at Grasta De comes complete with a commercial grade treadmill and a recumbent bike. Small group fitness classes will accommodate up to 4 people. Personal Training is an available option. Please refer to the online schedule to reserve your class or training times.

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